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$700 +Tax | First Session

$100 +Tax | 6-12 Week Touch up

$250 +Tax | Annual Touch up


All brow corrections are different so it's best to have realistic expectations when it comes to corrections! They will always need more than one session to perfect! Clients MUST send me a picture of their current brows to approve first! I do not take all correction work! I will only make recommendations to the best of my knowledge based on your skin integrity and brow goals! So what is the best route for your brows?!

First thing taken into consideration is how much pigment is still left. To you it may seem super faded, but if it's not faded enough for your new set of brows to blend then I will only recommend removal first (message me for saline removal info, $100/session). If the front of your brows are not light enough, we run into the chance of blocky brows instead of ombre brows!

When pigment is light enough for a cover up, the next factor is color, size and shape! Did your pigment fade redish or blueish? If so then I will need to color correct and neutralize the pigment to make sure your new brows will not change colors. Does the shape fit your face or do we have to correct the shape? There are many factors that go into a correction session which we will go over during your appointment! Do your research and book your artist wisely because your skin can only take so much damage!

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