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1 on 1 Private Training: $3500

4 to 1 Group Training: $2850


Thank you for your interest in training with me! Not too long ago I was in your position wanting to get into the industry and debating on if it was worth the investment. If you’re looking for a new career or side hustle, I can tell you, this path is a very rewarding one. Not only do I get to make my own schedule but I get to save other women time in their schedules as well!


I train one on one and group trainings for beginner's powder brow! This is a very intense and informative 3-4 day class to build your foundation for this career. A starter kit with machine, pigments, and supplies is included in training.

In the state of Ohio, you do not need a license in cosmetology or aesthetics to operate a permanent make-up business. If you are going to be conducting your business in another state, please review your county, local and state requirements for tattooing!

I strive to teach my students all aspects including: the process of the procedure, the business of brows, and most importantly SANITATION. My course is jam packed with info that I’ve learned through expensive classes and experience! It also includes an amazing starter kit. If you're interested in becoming a student of mine please contact me for more info!

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