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$650 +Tax | First Session

$100 +Tax | 6-12 Week Touch Up 

$250 +Tax | Annual Touch Up

The art of Powder Brows is being able to make the pigment blend seamlessly into an ombre. This will ensure your fronts are not blocky and so the brows do not look like "sharpie" brows. I pride myself in my powder brow work. What makes a good powder brow? Pixels! Pixels are tiny little dots created by the artist to give the illusion of powder. When healed, pixels will give the brows dimension so that your brows do not appear flat or solid. Not every artists can create pixels, this takes practice! The powder brow technique is less traumatic on the skin than microblading because there is no "slicing"! It also last longer and is great on all skin types, including oily skin!  

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