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Let me start by saying, cancer sucks. It's awful and just so happens to also ruin eyebrows via chemo treatments. This program means a lot to me because I feel like cancer has affected most people in some way or form. For me, it's my dad who is currently fighting cancer so the stories my survivor clients tell me, I hold near to heart and I remember every single one.

If you kicked cancer's ass and your brows never grew back the same, this one's for you. I will be choosing one survivor at random to win a session of powder brow tattoo by me! Enter below and please only enter once! Be sure to read the health check and info packet prior to entering! I will announce the winner on my instagram stories on the 10th of each month (@browsbysendy).

I have wanted to start this program for women who beat cancer since my very first survivor about 2 years ago (Ginger if you're reading this, it's you!). Anyway, between life and running my own business I never got around to it but the day is finally here! I am so humbled to know a skill that can make women feel more beautiful and am looking forward to meeting so many of you strong women!

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